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Published on: November 24, 2013

Available for purchase at RPGnow.comBorn in nuclear fire, they stride across the face of the world, unstoppable. They are the Kaiju – giant monsters that have ravaged the nation of Japan for decades. There is only one power that can stand against these titans of destruction – the Mecha Assault Force! In Mecha vs. Kaiju you take the role of a fearless mecha pilot in this anime-inspired Fate Core setting.

Mecha Assault Force – IKIMASU!!!


Available for purchase at

Famous Mecha in History: Optimus Prime

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Published on: June 29, 2014

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime is the largest, strongest and wisest of optimusall Autobots. Once a peaceful worker on the alien world of Cybertron, he was nearly destroyed when the Decepticon Megatron began his war of conquest. Due to his purity and nobility, the dying machine was gifted the Matrix of Leadership and reborn as Optimus Prime. The Autobot leader feels his role is the protection of all life, including Earth-life. Optimus fights unceasingly to defeat the Decpticons.

Optimus, like all Transformers, is a sentient being, and as such has a High Concept rather than a Design Philosophy.

High Concept: Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.

Glitch: Self Sacrificing

Archetype: Otosan (Father Figure)

Skills: Rapport, Athletics, Contacts, Empathy, Fight, Lore, Notice, Physique, Provoke, Resources, Shoot, Will


  • Tough but Fair: Optimus is uncompromising but respectful of those he is responsible for. Gain a +2 to Rapport checks with subordinates.
  • Natural Authority (Requires “Tough but Fair”) Optimus’ leadership qualities are evident to all. Once per scene he may invoke Otosan when he is giving commands to another.
  • Father Knows Best (Requires “Natural Authority”) Optimus draws on his lengthy experience in a crisis situation and may substitute Fight with Lore when creating advantages or overcoming obstacles on the battlefield. Advantages created in this way gain an additional free invoke.


Size: Towering (35’ tall;                 +2 Physique rolls; +1 stress box; AV & WV +2 shifts

Superstructure: Heavy (Physique 6; +2 Stress Box; Total weapons and armor: 4)

Variform: Optimus can radically alter his form, from a towering mecha to a monstrous sized semi truck. In a game where most mecha do not alter their form this ability costs 3 construction points. In a Transformer campaign variform is free.

A variform mecha may change its size up to one level up or down and assume shapes that enable it to disguise its nature. “Variform” becomes an aspect of the mecha, and if this aspect is compelled or suppressed it is possible to trap a mecha in its current form until the system is repaired.

Mecha Weapon Systems

Ion Blaster: Ammo (Once per scene Optimus may declare that a missed attack instead hits with +2 shifts. The weapon gains the “Out of Ammo” aspect and cannot be used until repaired) Autofire (This weapon fires constantly, making it possible to spray an entire area with fire. Make an attack against all targets in a sector. Any target hit is tagged with the aspect “Pinned Down”. If a target with this aspect attacks a teammate they may invoke “Pinned Down” when they defend against that attack at no charge) Penetrating (This weapon is designed to ignore a target’s defenses. Once per scene, when Optimus’ target invokes a personal aspect that causes the attack to miss, he may invoke Penetrating for free)

Energon Axe: Charger (This weapon is best used after closing in with a target. If Optimus successfully attacks a target after taking a move action towards them increase the Weapon Value by +2) Reach (This melee weapon can attack targets one sector away) Specialized (increase Weapon Value by +2 against Decepticons)

Defensive Systems

Omega Combat Armor: Ablative Armor (Whenever Optimus takes a mild physical consequence, he can choose to instead damage his armor. Reduce all defensive roles by -1) Extra Stress Box (3 and 4) Fortified (Optimus’ mecha is designed to shrug off attacks which would cripple others. Once per scene he may reduce the level of a Consequence by one)

Armored Weapons Platform: Optimus pulls a trailer that transforms into mobile base with extra weapons and human-size vehicles. The aspect “Armored Weapons Platform” can be invoked for free once per scene. It can be invoked or compelled normally as well.

Construction Points: 19

Famous Kaiju in History: King Ghidorah

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Published on: June 12, 2014

King GhidorahKing-ghidorah

Motivation: Three Faces of Evil

Instinct: Destroy Everything

Skills: Fight +6, Physique +5, Shoot +5, Athletics +4, Notice +4, Provoke +4, Will +3

Attack Forms

Gravity Beams: Blast (use Shoot to attack targets 2 sectors away), Area-Cone (may attack all targets within 3 adjacent sectors; reduce damage -2 shifts), Knockback (anytime Ghidorah succeeds with style in a Fight check it may move its target back up to 2 sectors), Ranged Knockback (Ghidorah may Knockback targets with Shoot)

Defense Forms

Alien Physiology: Calamity (Ghidorah adds a -8 Collateral Consequence), Crown of Menace (King Ghidora kaiju is simply too terrifying to be attacked. Until it makes a physical attack in a scene, enemies with a Will lower than Good (+3) simply cannot attack it. Those with sufficient Will to attack still flinch on their first attack, though, automatically missing), Flight (can move as easily in the air as it can on the ground, as well as hover in place), Never Broken (Ghidorah has a -8 physical consequence which recovers in the same way a -2 consequence does)

Other Mutations

Three Headed: Two-Faced (gain +2 to Notice checks), Multi-Headed (each of Ghidorah’s 3 heads can take an action in an exchange, including attacking, creating an advantage, or teaming up with its other heads. Ghidorah may sacrifice a head to absorb the equivalent of a Mild consequence), Ceaseless Attack (When Ghidorah succeeds with style, it may reduce the result by one and make another attack against the same target.  It may do this up to three times), Multi-Attack (Ghidorah can use two of its attack forms in the same exchange, but must do so against different targets), Multi-Limbed – Constricting Heads (when Ghidorah succeeds with style on a Fight check it may place the “Constricted” aspect on its target with a free invoke)

Stress: Physical 4, Mental 3

Consequences: Unbroken -8 Consequence, Calamity -8 Collateral Consequence

Mutation Points Total: 14

Famous Mecha in History: Patlabor

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Published on: June 7, 2014

AV-98 “Ingram” from Patlabor

In the future, monstrously large robots are called “labors” and do a variety of heavy construction Av-98-patlaborjobs. As a result they are also used in criminal enterprises. To combat this new threat the police create “Special Vehicle” units, and the mecha of Tokyo’s SV-2 unit is Shinohara Industries’ Advanced Vehicle Type 98, codename “Ingram”. The anime “Patlabor” follows the adventures of SV-2 as it combats labor crime in the far-flung future year of 1998!

Design Philosophy: Police Intimidation

Glitch: Overly Attached to its pilot

Skills: Physique 7; Armor & Weapon Value +1; +3 Stress Boxes; Mild Consequence X2

Size: Monstrous (8 meters; +1 Physique rolls; +1 Stress box; AV & WV +1 shift)

Superstructure: Heavy (Physique 6; +2 Stress Box; Total Weapons & Armor: 4)

Weapon System

37 Millimeter Revolver Cannon: Accurate (Once per scene, when your target invokes a scene aspect that causes your attack to miss, you may invoke Accurate for free) Extra Aspect: Standard Issue

Anti-Labor Electromagnetic Riot Baton: Compel Consequence (once per scene offer a Fate Point to target; if they take the point they agree to take the Moderate Consequence “Tazed”)

Defensive Systems

Fiber-Reinforced Plastic: Extra Mile Consequence; Hardened (first stress box absorbs 1 extra point of stress)

Forearm Mounted Riot Shield: +1 to Armor Value; may invoke to absorb a single mild consequence

Control System: Digital (Create Advantage +2)

Total Construction Points: 20

Great Moments in Kaiju History: The First, the Mightiest — GODZILLA

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Published on: May 29, 2014

On this momentous day in 1954 Godzilla first set foot in Tokyo, setting in motion a chain of events that would change the shape of popular culture.

Famous Kaiju in History: Godzilla

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Published on: May 22, 2014

Mecha vs Kaiju allows GMs to create any kaiju they can think of, and what better creation to begin with than the original king of the monsters Godzilla! Tune in next week for another great example.


Motivation: King of the Monsters

Instinct: Fight the Toughest Foe


Skills: Physique +6, Fight +5, Provoke+5, Athletics +4, Notice +4, Will +4

Size: Gargantuan (+3 Physique Check, +2 Stress, Weapon & Armor V

alue +3 Shifts)

Fortitude: Heavy (+6 Physique Check, +2 Stress)

Attack Forms

Atomic Breath: Blast (may attack targets 2 sectors away) Alternate Attack (use Physique for this attack) Blow Through (Once per conflict, when the kaiju inflicts a physical consequence on an opponent it may also inflict a 2-point physical hit on another opponent in the same sector)

Cry of the King: Roar (Once per scene the kaiju can make a Provoke attack against all targets within 2 sectors) Mighty Roar (Once per scene the kaiju can make Provoke attack against all targets that can hear it. This takes the place of the “Roar” attack)

Defense Forms

Indestructible: Bug Stomp (Godzilla’s attacks against human targets are devastating. When fighting human-size targets or vehicles, the kaiju deals one additional stress on a successful physical hit) Bug Proof (Whenever Godzilla is attacked by a mob, opponents do not get a teamwork bonus when attacking this kaiju) Absorption (Godzilla gains power by absorbing specific elements. When struck by a Lightning attack Godzilla gains the “Charged to Capacity” boost. When struck by a Radiation attack it gains the “Atom Smasher” boost) Regeneration (Once per scene Godzilla may reduce the level of a Consequence one step [Severe to Moderate, Moderate to Mild]) or eliminate a Mild consequence) Deathless (Godzilla’s regeneration does not stop after it is taken out. Once per session the GM may spend a Fate point. Godzilla removes its Severe Consequence and rejoins the battle) Strength at the Base (When Godzilla takes stress and that box is already checked, it may check off the next lowest box instead of the next highest. If there are none lower it must check off one higher as usual)

Stress: Physical 9, Mental 4

Consequences: Mild x2

Mutation Point Total: 28

(Not so)Great Moments in Kaiju History

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Published on: May 20, 2014

On this day in 1998 Roland Emerich’s Godzilla film was released. I was in the theatre, having bought special event tickets with a little folder and soundtrack CD. After the first appearance of Godzilla I knew there was a problem. It wasn’t the design, it was the direction.

In my favorite Godzilla movies there’s a money shot – the camera pans up from foot to head and the Big G lets out his signature roar. It’s a moment where the monster claims the city as his own. The advertising of the movie had made such a big deal about keeping Godzilla’s look a secret I was waiting for that shot. And it never came.

If Emerich had grown up like me, watching these movies and absorbing their tropes, then he would have known that such a shot was necessary. Keeping a full body shot of Godzilla until the second time he shows up took away the impact of what should have been an amazing reveal.

It’s here! It’s here!

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Published on: May 16, 2014

Today the new Godzilla movie is in theatres. In the name of Ishiro Honda please let it be good.

Great Moments in Kaiju History: Godzilla vs. Gaigan

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Published on: March 12, 2014

On this day in 1972 the first kaiju mercenary, Gaigan from Nebula-M, appeared on the screen, alongside King Ghidorah, squaring off against Anguirus and Godzilla, appearing as a good guy for the first time.

thumbMy First Podcast!

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Published on: February 18, 2014

I was interviewed tonight on the Fate Points RPG podcast! I talked with Jacob Poss about the history of kaiju in film, the difference between mecha before Gundam and after, and details about the new Fate rules I’ve included in MvK. Check it out!

Fate Points Episode 13: Unlucky Kaiju

Sneak Peak #2: Anime Archetypes

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Published on: February 17, 2014

Archetype Stunt Families

Every player will choose a traditional anime archetype for their character. Each archetype is also an aspect, with positive and negative qualities – usually based on how others react to you.

These archetypes give players access to exclusive stunt families: a group of stunts that are related to and chain off of each other. The progression of the stunt chain is the same for each archetype: the first stunt provides a conditional skill bonus; the second allows you to Invoke the Archetype under specific conditions; the third is a combat stunt unique to that archetype.

Each archetype has a pair of skills – one an interaction skill and the other more active – that are related to that archetype.

Furyoko (Bad Girl)

Kasuragi_actionRelated Skills: Deceive & Burglary

  • Me First: Gain a +2 to Deceive when the situation will benefit only you and no one else.

    • Oh, I’m Soooo Sorry (Requires “Me First”) You love the look in their eyes when they finally figure it out. Once per scene you may invoke Furyoko for free when you reveal your true nature to someone for the first time.

      • Gimme! (Requires “Oh, I’m Soooo Sorry”) Make a Burglary check opposed by your opponents Notice skill. If you succeed you may take one item from them without their knowledge. This can be used in combat. If you succeed with style you may replace the item with anything you currently carry. This stunt cannot be used on the same character twice.

      • I See Your Bad Side (Requires “Oh, I’m Soooo Sorry”) Your mastery of deception allows you to pierce the unknown. Once per scene you may invoke your mecha’s sensor systems for free.

Baka (Fool)

Related Skills: Provoke & Resources

  • A Fool and His Money: Gain a bonus to a Resource check, either +2, +4, or +6. Then take a Resource Consequence equal to the bonus: Minor, Moderate, or Serious. You will be unable to make any Resource checks until the Consequence is recovered.

    • Underestimated (Requires “A Fool and His Money”) Most people ignore you as a threat, and that is often their downfall. Once per scene you may invoke Baka for free when someone has turned their back on you (figuratively or literally).

      • Clumsy Oaf! (Requires “Underestimated”) Your apparent ineptitude is infuriating to the more competent around you, including your enemies. When you take a Physical Consequence make a Provoke Roll opposed by your enemy’s Will. Add the number of shifts of damage the consequence absorbed as a bonus to your roll. If you succeed you may Compel your enemy to turn away from you in disgust and find a more worthy foe. This can either create an advantage on your enemy or give you a chance to withdraw.

Kawaiiko (Cute Girl)

Related Skills: Empathy & Notice

  • Eye on Your Friends: You watch over your friends and are always aware of what others say about them. You can use Notice instead of Contacts to create advantages dealing with other people’s perception of your friends, and gain a +2 bonus to the roll.

    • Kawaī (Requires “Eye on Your Friends”) Cute is an obsession with you. Once per scene you may invoke Kawaiiko for free when you encounter something undeniably cute.

      • Talk It Out (Requires “Kawaī”) Yours is the best shoulder to cry on, especially when the pain is real. You can use Empathy to help yourself of others recover from either physical or mental consequences and gain a +2 to the roll.

      • Always There For You (Requires “Kawai”) There’s nobody better than you when it comes to supporting your friends. Once per scene you may invoke any mecha aspect for free when Creating an Advantage for someone else.

Otosan (Father Figure)

gen_actionscene_finalRelated Skills: Rapport & Lore

  • Tough but Fair: You are uncompromising but respectful of those whom you are responsible for. Gain a +2 to Rapport checks with subordinates.

    • Natural Authority (Requires “Tough but Fair”) Your leadership qualities are evident to all. Once per scene you may invoke Otosan for free when you are giving commands to another.

      • All Together Now (Requires “Natural Authority”) When people follow your instructions things get done. When you are leading an effort to combine skills through Teamwork you can include people who do not have a +1 in that skill, up to a number equal to your skill level. If you fail the roll only you suffer a penalty: you take full responsibility for their actions.

      • Father Knows Best (Requires “Natural Authority”) You can draw on your lengthy experience in a crisis situation. You may substitute Fight with Lore when creating advantages or overcoming obstacles on the battlefield. Advantages created in this way gain an additional free invoke.

Dasaiko (Quiet/Creepy Girl)

Related Skills: Empathy & Will

  • It’s Always the Quiet Ones: Nobody realizes how closely you watch others and know what they are feeling, until you make a shockingly prescient observation. Gain a +2 to the first Empathy check you make each scene.

    • Interloper (Requires “It’s Always the Quiet Ones”) Sometimes being a stranger is an advantage. Once per scene you may invoke Dasaiko for free when being an outsider would be an advantage.

      • Alone in a Crowd (Requires “Interloper”) Even when surrounded by people your solitary personality renders you almost invisible. Use Will instead of Stealth when hiding in a crowd and gain a +2 to the roll.

      • Out of Nowhere (Requires “Interloper”) You are a master of catching people off guard with sudden movement. Once per scene you may invoke your mecha’s Movement aspect for free for any reason.

Hancho (Big Guy)

chiefyama_actionscene_finalRelated Skills: Contacts & Physique

  • Show Off: You can’t help but be the center of attention. Gain a +2 to Contacts when your physical presence can influence the reaction of others.

    • Flex! (Requires “Show Off”) Your physicality can come in handy in many situations. Once per scene you may invoke Hancho for free when performing an action that is exclusively physical.

      • Body Discipline (Requires “Flex!”) Your devotion to physicality borders on a religion, and you can control your emotions through physical disciplines such as Yoga. You may use Physique instead of Will when defending against mental attacks and gain a +2 to the roll.

      • Like a Tank (Requires “Flex!”) Your mecha combat style specializes in shrugging off damage. Once per scene you may invoke your mecha’s Armor aspect for free for any reason.

Otemba (Tough Girl)

Related Skills: Provoke & Physique;

  • Threatening Demeanor: Your personality makes it clear you are a force to be reckoned with. Gain a +2 to Provoke when physical threats are implied.

    • “I Don’t Make Threats” (Requires “Threatening Demeanor”) For you  violence is not a threat, it’s a promise. Once per scene you may invoke Otemba for free when the threat of violence would be effective, up until actual combat begins.

      • Back It Up (Requires “I Don’t Make Threats”) When you make a promise you keep it, especially if it promises violence. In any conflict in which Otemba was invoked or compelled before the fighting started you may use Physique instead of Provoke to make mental attacks to do emotional harm.

      • Strength of Steel (Requires “I Don’t Make Threats”) You have a skill for pushing your mecha’s strength beyond its design specs. Once per scene you may invoke any mecha aspect for free when making a Physique check.

Manzaishi (Joker)

Related Skills: Deceive & Investigate

  • A Spoonful of Sugar: Your jokes can make it easier to conceal your motives. Gain a +2 to Deceive if you can hide your lie in a joke.

    • Smile Maker (Requires “A Spoonful of Sugar”) You are highly skilled at making people laugh. Once per scene you may invoke Manzaishi for free when your honest intent is to make others laugh (even at the expense of another).

      • Just One More Thing… (Requires “Smile Maker”) Your lighthearted nature belies a keen mind. Anytime you fail an Empathy roll to resist Deceive you may make a reroll using Investigate and gain a +2 to the roll.

      • Smart Aleck (Requires “Smile Maker”) Your wits are sharp enough to help you in a conflict. You may substitute Investigate for Computers, including making mecha sensor checks.

Raiburu (Rebel/Rival)

Related Skills: Provoke & Notice

  • Needle: There’s nothing better than poking at those in charge. Gain a +2 to Provoke any time your target is an authority figure.

    • Won’t Back Down (Requires “Needle”)  You stand your ground, never turn around. Once per scene you may invoke Raiburu for free when you are dealing with the outcome of your rebellious nature.

      • Insolent Eyes (Requires “Won’t Back Down”) Your eyes cannot conceal your lack of respect, and your cynicism pierces through the facades of others. You may use Notice instead of Empathy when creating an advantage about a character’s emotional state and gain a +2 to the roll.

      • Double Down (Requires “Won’t Back Down”) Not only do you not back down from a conflict, you up the ante. Once per scene you may invoke your mecha’s power aspect for free.

Okasan (Mother Figure)

Related Skills: Empathy & Craft

  • Mother Hen: You dote on those around you. Gain a +2 to Empathy when dealing with people you are taking care of.

    • Under the Wing (Requires “Mother Hen”) You are very protective of those around you. Once per scene you may invoke Okasan for free when protecting others.

      • Chicken Soup for the Soul (Requires “Under the Wing”) When you make something for another, you fill it with love. When you Craft something for another you may give it an aspect that represents how you feel about that person at the time of its creation.

      • Watching Like a Hawk (Requires “Under the Wing”) You never take your eyes off your charges, and are ready to spring to their defense. Once a scene you may charge an enemy attacking one of your friends from anywhere on the battlefield and take the attack aimed at them.

Shinyu (Best Friend)

Related Skills: Rapport & Will

  • Easy to Talk To: There are few in the world that your friend would rather talk to.You gain +2 to Rapport anytime you are talking with or about your best friend.

    • I Got Your Back (Requires “Easy to Talk To”) You are always looking out for your friend. Once per scene you may invoke Shinyu for free to support your best friend.

      • Side by Side: (Requires “I Got Your Back”) When fighting alongside your best friend there is little you cannot do together! Once per scene you may apply the aspect “Flanked” or something similar on an opponent. Both you and your best friend gain one free invocation of the aspect.

Yusha (Hero)

Related Skills: Contacts & Athletics

iconic adept 2_final

  • Hey, aren’t you…: Your heroism is known in a very limited circle (ie: Pilots of Taskforce Ichi Ban, Survivors of the SS Minnow, etc). Gain a +2 to Contacts when dealing with anyone from that circle.

    • Trust me, I’ve been there (Requires “Hey, aren’t you…”) Your experience can come in handy in other situations. Once per scene you may invoke Yusha for free when your current action is similar to your past heroism (you can tell a war story to explain the connection).

      • Shield of Action (Requires “Trust Me, I’ve Been There”) If life has taught you anything, it’s how to protect those who trust you. When you use Athletics to create an advantage designed to protect those around you, you may create it with two free invokes.

      • This One’s Mine (Requires “Trust Me, I’ve Been There”) For everyone there is a moment. Once per scene you may declare that an event that happens to another player happens to you instead. That player receives a Fate point from the GM.