Famous Kaiju in History: Godzilla

Mecha vs Kaiju allows GMs to create any kaiju they can think of, and what better creation to begin with than the original king of the monsters Godzilla! Tune in next week for another great example.


Motivation: King of the Monsters

Instinct: Fight the Toughest Foe


Skills: Physique +6, Fight +5, Provoke+5, Athletics +4, Notice +4, Will +4

Size: Gargantuan (+3 Physique Check, +2 Stress, Weapon & Armor V

alue +3 Shifts)

Fortitude: Heavy (+6 Physique Check, +2 Stress)

Attack Forms

Atomic Breath: Blast (may attack targets 2 sectors away) Alternate Attack (use Physique for this attack) Blow Through (Once per conflict, when the kaiju inflicts a physical consequence on an opponent it may also inflict a 2-point physical hit on another opponent in the same sector)

Cry of the King: Roar (Once per scene the kaiju can make a Provoke attack against all targets within 2 sectors) Mighty Roar (Once per scene the kaiju can make Provoke attack against all targets that can hear it. This takes the place of the “Roar” attack)

Defense Forms

Indestructible: Bug Stomp (Godzilla’s attacks against human targets are devastating. When fighting human-size targets or vehicles, the kaiju deals one additional stress on a successful physical hit) Bug Proof (Whenever Godzilla is attacked by a mob, opponents do not get a teamwork bonus when attacking this kaiju) Absorption (Godzilla gains power by absorbing specific elements. When struck by a Lightning attack Godzilla gains the “Charged to Capacity” boost. When struck by a Radiation attack it gains the “Atom Smasher” boost) Regeneration (Once per scene Godzilla may reduce the level of a Consequence one step [Severe to Moderate, Moderate to Mild]) or eliminate a Mild consequence) Deathless (Godzilla’s regeneration does not stop after it is taken out. Once per session the GM may spend a Fate point. Godzilla removes its Severe Consequence and rejoins the battle) Strength at the Base (When Godzilla takes stress and that box is already checked, it may check off the next lowest box instead of the next highest. If there are none lower it must check off one higher as usual)

Stress: Physical 9, Mental 4

Consequences: Mild x2

Mutation Point Total: 28

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Published on: May 22, 2014

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