Famous Kaiju in History: King Ghidorah

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Published on: June 12, 2014

King GhidorahKing-ghidorah

Motivation: Three Faces of Evil

Instinct: Destroy Everything

Skills: Fight +6, Physique +5, Shoot +5, Athletics +4, Notice +4, Provoke +4, Will +3

Attack Forms

Gravity Beams: Blast (use Shoot to attack targets 2 sectors away), Area-Cone (may attack all targets within 3 adjacent sectors; reduce damage -2 shifts), Knockback (anytime Ghidorah succeeds with style in a Fight check it may move its target back up to 2 sectors), Ranged Knockback (Ghidorah may Knockback targets with Shoot)

Defense Forms

Alien Physiology: Calamity (Ghidorah adds a -8 Collateral Consequence), Crown of Menace (King Ghidora kaiju is simply too terrifying to be attacked. Until it makes a physical attack in a scene, enemies with a Will lower than Good (+3) simply cannot attack it. Those with sufficient Will to attack still flinch on their first attack, though, automatically missing), Flight (can move as easily in the air as it can on the ground, as well as hover in place), Never Broken (Ghidorah has a -8 physical consequence which recovers in the same way a -2 consequence does)

Other Mutations

Three Headed: Two-Faced (gain +2 to Notice checks), Multi-Headed (each of Ghidorah’s 3 heads can take an action in an exchange, including attacking, creating an advantage, or teaming up with its other heads. Ghidorah may sacrifice a head to absorb the equivalent of a Mild consequence), Ceaseless Attack (When Ghidorah succeeds with style, it may reduce the result by one and make another attack against the same target.  It may do this up to three times), Multi-Attack (Ghidorah can use two of its attack forms in the same exchange, but must do so against different targets), Multi-Limbed – Constricting Heads (when Ghidorah succeeds with style on a Fight check it may place the “Constricted” aspect on its target with a free invoke)

Stress: Physical 4, Mental 3

Consequences: Unbroken -8 Consequence, Calamity -8 Collateral Consequence

Mutation Points Total: 14