MvK200x First Playtest After Action Report

I had the opportunity to playtest the some sample mecha and kaiju with some true Cortex RPG experts: BW, Mellie, and Rivetgeek from the phenomenal Cortex Discord, and my rules marshal Jeremy Forbing. It was a full build of PCs with fully stated mecha vs the Kaiju Pool version of Kaibutsu. Though they dealt with the monster rather handedly, a good time was had by all. Highlights include:

  • A telepath touching the mind of the kaiju to create an “In Your Head” asset that gave everyone a rapport with the creature.
  • Moving a cargo ship to a strategic location as a “Potential Boat Bat” asset
  • Attempted weaponized bureaucracy
  • Kaibutsu exploding out of the ocean with a terrifying roar!
  • Exploding shipping containers

Just this first test alone has led to game improvements, which is why playtesting is a vital part of the MvK Patreon that you can be a part of starting in July!

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