Famous Mecha in History: Optimus Prime

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Published on: June 29, 2014

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime is the largest, strongest and wisest of optimusall Autobots. Once a peaceful worker on the alien world of Cybertron, he was nearly destroyed when the Decepticon Megatron began his war of conquest. Due to his purity and nobility, the dying machine was gifted the Matrix of Leadership and reborn as Optimus Prime. The Autobot leader feels his role is the protection of all life, including Earth-life. Optimus fights unceasingly to defeat the Decpticons.

Optimus, like all Transformers, is a sentient being, and as such has a High Concept rather than a Design Philosophy.

High Concept: Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.

Glitch: Self Sacrificing

Archetype: Otosan (Father Figure)

Skills: Rapport, Athletics, Contacts, Empathy, Fight, Lore, Notice, Physique, Provoke, Resources, Shoot, Will


  • Tough but Fair: Optimus is uncompromising but respectful of those he is responsible for. Gain a +2 to Rapport checks with subordinates.
  • Natural Authority (Requires “Tough but Fair”) Optimus’ leadership qualities are evident to all. Once per scene he may invoke Otosan when he is giving commands to another.
  • Father Knows Best (Requires “Natural Authority”) Optimus draws on his lengthy experience in a crisis situation and may substitute Fight with Lore when creating advantages or overcoming obstacles on the battlefield. Advantages created in this way gain an additional free invoke.


Size: Towering (35’ tall;                 +2 Physique rolls; +1 stress box; AV & WV +2 shifts

Superstructure: Heavy (Physique 6; +2 Stress Box; Total weapons and armor: 4)

Variform: Optimus can radically alter his form, from a towering mecha to a monstrous sized semi truck. In a game where most mecha do not alter their form this ability costs 3 construction points. In a Transformer campaign variform is free.

A variform mecha may change its size up to one level up or down and assume shapes that enable it to disguise its nature. “Variform” becomes an aspect of the mecha, and if this aspect is compelled or suppressed it is possible to trap a mecha in its current form until the system is repaired.

Mecha Weapon Systems

Ion Blaster: Ammo (Once per scene Optimus may declare that a missed attack instead hits with +2 shifts. The weapon gains the “Out of Ammo” aspect and cannot be used until repaired) Autofire (This weapon fires constantly, making it possible to spray an entire area with fire. Make an attack against all targets in a sector. Any target hit is tagged with the aspect “Pinned Down”. If a target with this aspect attacks a teammate they may invoke “Pinned Down” when they defend against that attack at no charge) Penetrating (This weapon is designed to ignore a target’s defenses. Once per scene, when Optimus’ target invokes a personal aspect that causes the attack to miss, he may invoke Penetrating for free)

Energon Axe: Charger (This weapon is best used after closing in with a target. If Optimus successfully attacks a target after taking a move action towards them increase the Weapon Value by +2) Reach (This melee weapon can attack targets one sector away) Specialized (increase Weapon Value by +2 against Decepticons)

Defensive Systems

Omega Combat Armor: Ablative Armor (Whenever Optimus takes a mild physical consequence, he can choose to instead damage his armor. Reduce all defensive roles by -1) Extra Stress Box (3 and 4) Fortified (Optimus’ mecha is designed to shrug off attacks which would cripple others. Once per scene he may reduce the level of a Consequence by one)

Armored Weapons Platform: Optimus pulls a trailer that transforms into mobile base with extra weapons and human-size vehicles. The aspect “Armored Weapons Platform” can be invoked for free once per scene. It can be invoked or compelled normally as well.

Construction Points: 19