Famous Mecha in History: Patlabor

AV-98 “Ingram” from Patlabor

In the future, monstrously large robots are called “labors” and do a variety of heavy construction Av-98-patlaborjobs. As a result they are also used in criminal enterprises. To combat this new threat the police create “Special Vehicle” units, and the mecha of Tokyo’s SV-2 unit is Shinohara Industries’ Advanced Vehicle Type 98, codename “Ingram”. The anime “Patlabor” follows the adventures of SV-2 as it combats labor crime in the far-flung future year of 1998!

Design Philosophy: Police Intimidation

Glitch: Overly Attached to its pilot

Skills: Physique 7; Armor & Weapon Value +1; +3 Stress Boxes; Mild Consequence X2

Size: Monstrous (8 meters; +1 Physique rolls; +1 Stress box; AV & WV +1 shift)

Superstructure: Heavy (Physique 6; +2 Stress Box; Total Weapons & Armor: 4)

Weapon System

37 Millimeter Revolver Cannon: Accurate (Once per scene, when your target invokes a scene aspect that causes your attack to miss, you may invoke Accurate for free) Extra Aspect: Standard Issue

Anti-Labor Electromagnetic Riot Baton: Compel Consequence (once per scene offer a Fate Point to target; if they take the point they agree to take the Moderate Consequence “Tazed”)

Defensive Systems

Fiber-Reinforced Plastic: Extra Mile Consequence; Hardened (first stress box absorbs 1 extra point of stress)

Forearm Mounted Riot Shield: +1 to Armor Value; may invoke to absorb a single mild consequence

Control System: Digital (Create Advantage +2)

Total Construction Points: 20

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Published on: June 7, 2014

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