The MvK PATREON: Launching in July

On July 1st, 2022 a new era begins for Mecha vs Kaiju, and a new edition. “Mecha Vs Kaiju 202X” will use the Cortex game engine, a solid dice-mechanic heart with a storyteller soul. To develop the new edition we’re launching a Patreon to encourage playtesting, player feedback and community.

I’ve loved Fate Core/Condensed for a lot of years, a fact shared with the creators of Cortex, but this new system gives me the opportunity to build a true model for anime, manga, and kaiju eiga. But refining a system takes time, and in this new era of distance gaming it can be hard to find a group up for the challenge of playtesting a new system. It could take more than a year to refine MvK Cortex into a publishable form, and in the meantime it would only be seen by a handful of players.

That is why in July 2022 I will open the first Mecha Vs Kaiju Patreon.

Initial Patron level is $1 for the month of July
Taskforce Ichiban (aka #1 aka THE BEST)

Starting in August new tiers will form based on feedback from patrons, and you will be able to choose what level of support you are willing to provide, and what rewards you are interested in receiving.

My first goal was to get MvK Cortex on its feet. Now that it’s up and standing, the next goal is to see what works and what needs adjustment. That’s where you can help build this system into the kind of game you’ll want to play for years on down the line. My biggest future goal is to launch a crowdfunding campaign for a physical version of Mecha Vs Kaiju in book form. Together we can make these dreams a reality.

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