Sneak Peak #2: Anime Archetypes

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Published on: February 17, 2014

Archetype Stunt Families

Every player will choose a traditional anime archetype for their character. Each archetype is also an aspect, with positive and negative qualities – usually based on how others react to you.

These archetypes give players access to exclusive stunt families: a group of stunts that are related to and chain off of each other. The progression of the stunt chain is the same for each archetype: the first stunt provides a conditional skill bonus; the second allows you to Invoke the Archetype under specific conditions; the third is a combat stunt unique to that archetype.

Each archetype has a pair of skills – one an interaction skill and the other more active – that are related to that archetype.

Furyoko (Bad Girl)

Kasuragi_actionRelated Skills: Deceive & Burglary

  • Me First: Gain a +2 to Deceive when the situation will benefit only you and no one else.

    • Oh, I’m Soooo Sorry (Requires “Me First”) You love the look in their eyes when they finally figure it out. Once per scene you may invoke Furyoko for free when you reveal your true nature to someone for the first time.

      • Gimme! (Requires “Oh, I’m Soooo Sorry”) Make a Burglary check opposed by your opponents Notice skill. If you succeed you may take one item from them without their knowledge. This can be used in combat. If you succeed with style you may replace the item with anything you currently carry. This stunt cannot be used on the same character twice.

      • I See Your Bad Side (Requires “Oh, I’m Soooo Sorry”) Your mastery of deception allows you to pierce the unknown. Once per scene you may invoke your mecha’s sensor systems for free.

Baka (Fool)

Related Skills: Provoke & Resources

  • A Fool and His Money: Gain a bonus to a Resource check, either +2, +4, or +6. Then take a Resource Consequence equal to the bonus: Minor, Moderate, or Serious. You will be unable to make any Resource checks until the Consequence is recovered.

    • Underestimated (Requires “A Fool and His Money”) Most people ignore you as a threat, and that is often their downfall. Once per scene you may invoke Baka for free when someone has turned their back on you (figuratively or literally).

      • Clumsy Oaf! (Requires “Underestimated”) Your apparent ineptitude is infuriating to the more competent around you, including your enemies. When you take a Physical Consequence make a Provoke Roll opposed by your enemy’s Will. Add the number of shifts of damage the consequence absorbed as a bonus to your roll. If you succeed you may Compel your enemy to turn away from you in disgust and find a more worthy foe. This can either create an advantage on your enemy or give you a chance to withdraw.

Kawaiiko (Cute Girl)

Related Skills: Empathy & Notice

  • Eye on Your Friends: You watch over your friends and are always aware of what others say about them. You can use Notice instead of Contacts to create advantages dealing with other people’s perception of your friends, and gain a +2 bonus to the roll.

    • Kawaī (Requires “Eye on Your Friends”) Cute is an obsession with you. Once per scene you may invoke Kawaiiko for free when you encounter something undeniably cute.

      • Talk It Out (Requires “Kawaī”) Yours is the best shoulder to cry on, especially when the pain is real. You can use Empathy to help yourself of others recover from either physical or mental consequences and gain a +2 to the roll.

      • Always There For You (Requires “Kawai”) There’s nobody better than you when it comes to supporting your friends. Once per scene you may invoke any mecha aspect for free when Creating an Advantage for someone else.

Otosan (Father Figure)

gen_actionscene_finalRelated Skills: Rapport & Lore

  • Tough but Fair: You are uncompromising but respectful of those whom you are responsible for. Gain a +2 to Rapport checks with subordinates.

    • Natural Authority (Requires “Tough but Fair”) Your leadership qualities are evident to all. Once per scene you may invoke Otosan for free when you are giving commands to another.

      • All Together Now (Requires “Natural Authority”) When people follow your instructions things get done. When you are leading an effort to combine skills through Teamwork you can include people who do not have a +1 in that skill, up to a number equal to your skill level. If you fail the roll only you suffer a penalty: you take full responsibility for their actions.

      • Father Knows Best (Requires “Natural Authority”) You can draw on your lengthy experience in a crisis situation. You may substitute Fight with Lore when creating advantages or overcoming obstacles on the battlefield. Advantages created in this way gain an additional free invoke.

Dasaiko (Quiet/Creepy Girl)

Related Skills: Empathy & Will

  • It’s Always the Quiet Ones: Nobody realizes how closely you watch others and know what they are feeling, until you make a shockingly prescient observation. Gain a +2 to the first Empathy check you make each scene.

    • Interloper (Requires “It’s Always the Quiet Ones”) Sometimes being a stranger is an advantage. Once per scene you may invoke Dasaiko for free when being an outsider would be an advantage.

      • Alone in a Crowd (Requires “Interloper”) Even when surrounded by people your solitary personality renders you almost invisible. Use Will instead of Stealth when hiding in a crowd and gain a +2 to the roll.

      • Out of Nowhere (Requires “Interloper”) You are a master of catching people off guard with sudden movement. Once per scene you may invoke your mecha’s Movement aspect for free for any reason.

Hancho (Big Guy)

chiefyama_actionscene_finalRelated Skills: Contacts & Physique

  • Show Off: You can’t help but be the center of attention. Gain a +2 to Contacts when your physical presence can influence the reaction of others.

    • Flex! (Requires “Show Off”) Your physicality can come in handy in many situations. Once per scene you may invoke Hancho for free when performing an action that is exclusively physical.

      • Body Discipline (Requires “Flex!”) Your devotion to physicality borders on a religion, and you can control your emotions through physical disciplines such as Yoga. You may use Physique instead of Will when defending against mental attacks and gain a +2 to the roll.

      • Like a Tank (Requires “Flex!”) Your mecha combat style specializes in shrugging off damage. Once per scene you may invoke your mecha’s Armor aspect for free for any reason.

Otemba (Tough Girl)

Related Skills: Provoke & Physique;

  • Threatening Demeanor: Your personality makes it clear you are a force to be reckoned with. Gain a +2 to Provoke when physical threats are implied.

    • “I Don’t Make Threats” (Requires “Threatening Demeanor”) For you  violence is not a threat, it’s a promise. Once per scene you may invoke Otemba for free when the threat of violence would be effective, up until actual combat begins.

      • Back It Up (Requires “I Don’t Make Threats”) When you make a promise you keep it, especially if it promises violence. In any conflict in which Otemba was invoked or compelled before the fighting started you may use Physique instead of Provoke to make mental attacks to do emotional harm.

      • Strength of Steel (Requires “I Don’t Make Threats”) You have a skill for pushing your mecha’s strength beyond its design specs. Once per scene you may invoke any mecha aspect for free when making a Physique check.

Manzaishi (Joker)

Related Skills: Deceive & Investigate

  • A Spoonful of Sugar: Your jokes can make it easier to conceal your motives. Gain a +2 to Deceive if you can hide your lie in a joke.

    • Smile Maker (Requires “A Spoonful of Sugar”) You are highly skilled at making people laugh. Once per scene you may invoke Manzaishi for free when your honest intent is to make others laugh (even at the expense of another).

      • Just One More Thing… (Requires “Smile Maker”) Your lighthearted nature belies a keen mind. Anytime you fail an Empathy roll to resist Deceive you may make a reroll using Investigate and gain a +2 to the roll.

      • Smart Aleck (Requires “Smile Maker”) Your wits are sharp enough to help you in a conflict. You may substitute Investigate for Computers, including making mecha sensor checks.

Raiburu (Rebel/Rival)

Related Skills: Provoke & Notice

  • Needle: There’s nothing better than poking at those in charge. Gain a +2 to Provoke any time your target is an authority figure.

    • Won’t Back Down (Requires “Needle”)  You stand your ground, never turn around. Once per scene you may invoke Raiburu for free when you are dealing with the outcome of your rebellious nature.

      • Insolent Eyes (Requires “Won’t Back Down”) Your eyes cannot conceal your lack of respect, and your cynicism pierces through the facades of others. You may use Notice instead of Empathy when creating an advantage about a character’s emotional state and gain a +2 to the roll.

      • Double Down (Requires “Won’t Back Down”) Not only do you not back down from a conflict, you up the ante. Once per scene you may invoke your mecha’s power aspect for free.

Okasan (Mother Figure)

Related Skills: Empathy & Craft

  • Mother Hen: You dote on those around you. Gain a +2 to Empathy when dealing with people you are taking care of.

    • Under the Wing (Requires “Mother Hen”) You are very protective of those around you. Once per scene you may invoke Okasan for free when protecting others.

      • Chicken Soup for the Soul (Requires “Under the Wing”) When you make something for another, you fill it with love. When you Craft something for another you may give it an aspect that represents how you feel about that person at the time of its creation.

      • Watching Like a Hawk (Requires “Under the Wing”) You never take your eyes off your charges, and are ready to spring to their defense. Once a scene you may charge an enemy attacking one of your friends from anywhere on the battlefield and take the attack aimed at them.

Shinyu (Best Friend)

Related Skills: Rapport & Will

  • Easy to Talk To: There are few in the world that your friend would rather talk to.You gain +2 to Rapport anytime you are talking with or about your best friend.

    • I Got Your Back (Requires “Easy to Talk To”) You are always looking out for your friend. Once per scene you may invoke Shinyu for free to support your best friend.

      • Side by Side: (Requires “I Got Your Back”) When fighting alongside your best friend there is little you cannot do together! Once per scene you may apply the aspect “Flanked” or something similar on an opponent. Both you and your best friend gain one free invocation of the aspect.

Yusha (Hero)

Related Skills: Contacts & Athletics

iconic adept 2_final

  • Hey, aren’t you…: Your heroism is known in a very limited circle (ie: Pilots of Taskforce Ichi Ban, Survivors of the SS Minnow, etc). Gain a +2 to Contacts when dealing with anyone from that circle.

    • Trust me, I’ve been there (Requires “Hey, aren’t you…”) Your experience can come in handy in other situations. Once per scene you may invoke Yusha for free when your current action is similar to your past heroism (you can tell a war story to explain the connection).

      • Shield of Action (Requires “Trust Me, I’ve Been There”) If life has taught you anything, it’s how to protect those who trust you. When you use Athletics to create an advantage designed to protect those around you, you may create it with two free invokes.

      • This One’s Mine (Requires “Trust Me, I’ve Been There”) For everyone there is a moment. Once per scene you may declare that an event that happens to another player happens to you instead. That player receives a Fate point from the GM.