Sneak Peak #2: Anime Archetypes

Archetype Stunt Families

Every player will choose a traditional anime archetype for their character. Each archetype is also an aspect, with positive and negative qualities – usually based on how others react to you.

These archetypes give players access to exclusive stunt families: a group of stunts that are related to and chain off of each other. The progression of the stunt chain is the same for each archetype: the first stunt provides a conditional skill bonus; the second allows you to Invoke the Archetype under specific conditions; the third is a combat stunt unique to that archetype.

Each archetype has a pair of skills – one an interaction skill and the other more active – that are related to that archetype.

Furyoko (Bad Girl)

Kasuragi_actionRelated Skills: Deceive & Burglary

Baka (Fool)

Related Skills: Provoke & Resources

Kawaiiko (Cute Girl)

Related Skills: Empathy & Notice

Otosan (Father Figure)

gen_actionscene_finalRelated Skills: Rapport & Lore

Dasaiko (Quiet/Creepy Girl)

Related Skills: Empathy & Will

Hancho (Big Guy)

chiefyama_actionscene_finalRelated Skills: Contacts & Physique

Otemba (Tough Girl)

Related Skills: Provoke & Physique;

Manzaishi (Joker)

Related Skills: Deceive & Investigate

Raiburu (Rebel/Rival)

Related Skills: Provoke & Notice

Okasan (Mother Figure)

Related Skills: Empathy & Craft

Shinyu (Best Friend)

Related Skills: Rapport & Will

Yusha (Hero)

Related Skills: Contacts & Athletics

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Published on: February 17, 2014

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