Sneak Peak #1: Sample Mecha & Kaiju

The Rules

“Mecha vs Kaiju” offers a host of new rules for the Fate Core system. This is just a sample of what you can expect.

Character Creation: Archetypes

Japanese anime is filled with archetypes. You see these characters time and again, and MvK gives you the opportunity to ground your character in the genre and gain new role playing opportunities. Each archetype offers a unique stunt tree, giving you abilities no other player has to deal with situations both on the battlefield and in the character’s regular life.

Honcho (Big Guy)

There is no one bigger, louder, or tougher than you. You always stand out, which makes you the most outgoing and gregarious of anyone else in a group. Your good-natured personality often makes you the
life of the party.

But it can be lonely at the top. Those who want to have a good time with you at the party usually go home with someone else. Many enjoy your company, but few confide in you. And sometimes you don’t know whether to weep or punch the wall.

Related Skills: Contacts & Physique


The Mecha

Mecha are built almost exactly like characters, with their own aspects and stunts. In this case, stunts take the form of weapons, armor, and other mecha systems. The MvK Mecha Design System will feature dozens of these systems, and give you the opportunity to design your own!

Tetsujin Omoi (Ironman Heavy)




Stress Boxes: 4

The Kaiju

The rules for building kaiju are the same as those for building mecha, though there are specific rules which make these giant monsters not only much stronger than their robotic opponents, but incredibly dangerous to the cities in which they fight. Dozens of kaiju-only stunts and extras ensure that the opponents you build will give mecha pilots a run for their money.

The Green Gargantua




Shocking Grasp: Damage +2, Short Circuit: Spend a Fate Point for the encounter. When you succeed with style you overload your target. They suffer -1 to all dice actions for 1 round.
Lesser Weakness: Lightning Strikes – if you are struck by lightning or are tagged with a lightning aspect you lose your Short Circuit ability.

Stress Boxes: 4

Collateral Consequences

In addition to the 3 regular Consequences used to mitigate the damage, kaiju have a second set of Collateral Consequences. These represent lasting damage or setbacks to the map that accrue as a result of the battle. Collateral consequences add Situational Aspects to the map that can be invoked by anyone. The larger the amount of damage mitigated (+2, +4, +6), the more damage done to the map (for example “Gas Leak”, “Collapsed Power LInes”, and “Raging Inferno”)

The Setting

If players have mentioned one thing consistently about “Mecha vs Kaiju”, it’s their love of the setting. The world of MvK assumes that every kaiju eiga ever produced really happened, and that these monsters come back time and again to terrorize Japan. MvK explains why this happens in a detailed and intricate setting that begins with the creation of the world by the heavenly Kami, continues through the birth of the kaiju at the end of WWII, and right up to the modern day. You can get a hint of that history here, with the player’s history of the MvK world from the end of the war through 2007.



Want to know the secret history of the world? Find out in the full version “Mecha vs Kaiju”!

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Published on: February 17, 2014

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