Praise for Mecha Vs Kaiju for Fate Core/Condensed

Tim Bannock
Bought it for a simple Robotech conversion, keeping it because it does ALL genres of Mecha anime right!
I got this book in order to do a Robotech > Fate conversion, and was a little leery of how it was going to be, based on how freeform Fate normally is (not a bad thing, just a little iffy when dealing with complex weapon, movement, and sensor systems that come in a lot of mecha games).
Boy, was I wrong! Mecha vs. Kaiju presents the mecha in one of two ways (fully compatible, too!): either very simple, with Aspects as their traits and their own Stress/Consequence tracks, or as very detailed combinations of individual systems. The beauty is that you can mix and match with no worries of “balance” issues, and the game clearly lays out different methodologies on running Mecha, both at the creation stage and during gameplay.
The setting is very well done, and while brief, keeps its eyes on ideas primed for immediate use at the table. There are dozens of possible scenarios that span many genres of mecha actions, from giant showdowns to human-sized espionage to interstellar (or interdimensional) warfare. Character creation is revised using the tropes of Mecha anime, and it wouldn’t be hard to apply this to other types of “dramatic action” styles, like sci-fi cops or something along those lines.
This is a wonderful purchase.

Andy Jenkins
Amazing fate adaptation.
If you are a fan of Fate, giant monster and big robots, then this is the game for you.

Orenzi Wrazz
No regret impulse buy!
I want to play it but can’t due to having no nearby friends but I don’t regret buying it because it is awesome.

A great book if you want a cohesive mecha setting
Fate is probably my favorite rpg system. With the right players, with everyone on the same creative page, you can tell some amazing stories with the help of this system. While MvK is a supplement to Fate, giving you a world in which to set your games, it serves to flesh out the system in regards to giant Mecha and equally giant monsters. It helps to tie together a bunch of the anime and manga and sentai tropes into a cohesive setting with international intrigue, warfare, and supernatural overtones. It’s really impressive and great fun.