The World of Mecha Vs Kaiju

The fate of the world hangs in the balance

Imagine a world where every giant monster movie really happened: giant reptiles attack Japan, monstrous insects ravage the American Southwest, sea serpents invade Holland, mother and child horrors invade London, a giant ape claims a jungle kingdom. The world of Mecha Vs Kaiju is one changed by a singular event – at the end of World War II a Japanese priest, desperate for victory, summoned a demonic Oni in the holy city of Hiroshima. As the creature stepped through the summoning gate at 8:15, August 6, 1945, the world’s second atomic bomb struck, bathing the Oni in radiation. Enraged and empowered, it rampaged across the countryside, until it was lured to the city of Nagasaki and destroyed 3 days later.

The old war was over, and along with it the old world. Genetic material from the “kaiju” was stolen and found its way to North Korea, where scientists recreated the monster, and used the technology they found to breed new monstrosities. National agreements were put in place to prevent the use of kaiju in combat outside one’s native country, but rogue kaiju began to appear, and soon no coastal region was safe. Soon after that, not place on earth was safe, as the kaiju began to fly and tunnel across the world.

Meanwhile in the United States, intense atomic testing triggered the appearance of “mutigiant” insects in the deserts. Eventually a half dozen states would become abandoned, left to the First Nations, who reclaimed their land, and the Mormons, who swore to fight to keep theirs. At the same time, the revelation of atomic experiments on citizens in communist China, along with the cruel repressions of the Soviet Union, combined with the universal condemnation of North Korea to destroy the credibility of Communism in the world. With nations becoming more concerned with their own kaiju defenses, colonizers left and a wave of independence swept across the globe.

This led to the advent of the mecha, giant robots designed to fight the kaiju on their own terms.

At first little more than mobile weapons platforms with massive crews, today mecha are state of the art individual combat machines fielded in squads to defend cities across the world. In the first decades of the 21st century, the world is wilder, more independent, and less dependable. Technology rules, while the supernatural begins to make a comeback. And everywhere people wait for inevitable next battle of mecha vs kaiju.