The Shen Battler Aurora Kickstarter is LIVE!


Fall into an enchanted anime world where human heart and soul is the most powerful magic! 

Shen Battler Aurora is a fantasy roleplaying isekai, inspired by famous anime and manga series that transport regular humans to an “Other World” of magic and adventure.

Travel to the Dying World of Materia

Shen Battler Aurora takes you to the fantasy world of Materia, once teeming with life, now in danger of destruction due to the misuse of magic. On Materia, magic is powered by Shen, the living soul of an individual and of the world. Shen feeds magical creatures like the immortal dragons; is shaped into mighty sorcery; and powers the enchanted Shen Battler war machines, like the mighty Aurora.

But when the link to the power of shen is sundered, the world of Materia itself pulls humans across the barrier that separates it from Earth. Shen flows freely from Earth-born humans, to feed a starving world. And with that free flow of shen comes supernatural power!

A Magical Anime Setting

The world of Materia has everything you need for limitless adventures, including:

  • A complete history of the magical world of Materia and its deep connection to life, soul, and heart. 
  • Magical peoples, such as the elemental Kinth, the tiny winged Feigh, the tall and hearty Shoi, and the Dour folk of stone.
  • A fully customizable magic system, allowing you to craft your own powers and abilities, including your own fabulous Shen Battlers, massive enchanted armor suits giving a single warrior the power to fight armies!

All within a game engine designed to emulate the action and drama of your favorite anime and manga!

Powered by The 5th Engine

Shen Battler Aurora is powered by The 5th Engine, a hybrid combining the robust structure of 5E with the creative mechanics of story games, allowing you to narrate any action, situation, or outcome you can imagine. 

Plays like a modern narrative RPG 

Call out your character traits as you describe the action. Add a die to your dice pool for each trait. Add a d20 “Fortune Die” and roll. Each die adds impact to your actions. Spend impact to cause stress, create boons, inflict conditions, build defense, or a combination of all 4 as you narrate wildly cinematic or manga-inspired scenes. 

Create an Anime-Inspired Character

Start a character based on a dozen Anime Archetypes, then build them up with creative aspects that describe their personality. Make them a member of one of many magical Peoples. Define your characters through their Style (the way they do things) and Values (what is most important to them). Finally craft unique powers and abilities for them.  

Add an Anime Edge to 5E

Shen Battler is fully compatible with all 5E adventures and sourcebooks, allowing you to use all your favorite products within this setting. Breath new life into your favorite adventures by giving them the flavor of your favorite comics and cartoons with The 5th Engine!

Live on Kickstarter!

The 30+page PDF is only $5, and the physical edition is $10. Layout is complete, so the zine will be available the day the campaign funds!

We will be at Dundracon here in California, where I’ll be running playtests all weekend long. Follow our Kickstarter at