The Mecha Vs Kaiju RPG Patreon

Mecha Vs Kaiju is an anime inspired D20 science fiction roleplaying game. MvK has been in development since 2008. To develop the new 3rd edition we’ve launched a Patreon to encourage playtesting, player feedback and community.

There are 3 Reward Tiers, each with increasing levels of online play!

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Player feedback has been the cornerstone of this project, and continues to improve the game and the setting. These reward tiers are designed to get even more players involved, with monthly playtesting, player inspiration for new content, and an in-depth ongoing bi-weekly campaign, all with a goal of broadening the scope of the setting and enriching the content of the game system. Join us as we make Mecha Vs Kaiju the best anime and manga roleplaying game!