Mecha Vs Kaiju FREE Starter Adventure

Everything you need to join the fight is here FOR FREE

Imagine a world where every giant monster movie is real! Where you are a daring giant robot pilot putting yourself in the path of titanic monsters to defend your homeland. And where not every threat is gigantic, and some monsters wear human faces. 

The Mecha Vs Kaiju Starter Adventure introduces you to the system and setting of MvK. The basic rules are summarized on the first 4 pages. The adventure is a basic ABC plot that both begins and ends with a kaiju fight, with investigation, interaction, and even a chase scene in between. It includes 4 pregenerated characters, NPCs, kaiju stats, and player and GM aids to help you learn the system. In short everything you need to enter the exciting world of Mecha Vs Kaiju!

This adventure should take from 4-6 hours to complete. If you enjoy it then join our Patreon! Every tier receives the most recent edition of Mecha Vs Kaiju, which is updated every month to include all the new content we have created. Pilot tier includes weekly updates and the opportunity to help build the system through online playtesting. Ace tier allows you to join a bi-weekly online campaign that explores the world of MvK while trying out the latest game mechanics before they are added to the core book. 

Follow this link to the FREE Mecha Vs Kaiju Starter Adventure