Kickstarter Zine Quest

Every February, Kickstarter spotlights roleplaying zines, small self-published RPG games and supplements. We’ve been in the Zine business for years! Every Mecha Vs Kaiju supplement for the fate system was a 20-30 page black and white self-published affair. So we are proud to go back to our roots with the Shen Battler Aurora stand-alone RPG. But there are many other great games coming out February 2024, and here are just a few.

Highway To Hell

Highway to Hell brings you seven Dante-adjacent heavy metal flavoured demonic encounters to run as a one shot, a side quest or use as GM’s supplement to bring the beast into your own DND adventures! This campaign is live and running through February 2024.


Home is a mapmaking RPG for lovers of mechs and monsters! Build a mech, map the unknown, fight Kaiju, and save your home. Solo to 4 players.

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