Magic Knight Reyearth — The Perfect Isekai Introduction

As we enter our last week of the campaign I thought I’d share some Isekai Inspiration with you. I would LOVE to share the heart of my inspiration, Aura Battler Dunbine, created by the incomparable Yoshiyuki Tomino, creator of Mobile Suit Gundam. Unfortunately it’s not streaming online. However there is an awesome alternative. 

Magic Knight Reyearth is a classic story of 3 teenage schoolgirls who are transported to a magical land to save the world. This is a terrific anime series in general, as well as quintessential isekai. The characters and situations are iconic, and the relationship between the characters and their new world is a fitting model for any RPG. I should know, because it’s the one I’m using for my current campaign!

The first episode is the perfect character creation scenario: each girl is introduced in a spotlight moment, where you get a real feeling for their archetype. Shidou is the Genki Girl, a total motormouth. Umi is the perfect Hime, or princess, a determined child of privilege. Fuu is the classic Danmari, the quiet one who sees everything and surprises others with her inciteful comments. 

The girls literally fall into the magical world of Cephiro to become the “magic knights from another world” to reactivate the “Rune God” mecha! While many isekai series have a similar premise, Magic Knight Reyearth is a great example of the genre and a wonderful introduction.

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